Voice / VoIP Solutions

Voice / VoIP Solutions

Voice Solutions are customized to satisfy particular client needs. JTiT’s Voice Solutions service is focused at designing the best Voice solution for your business that Unifies your communications in a single platform, which is based on Asterisk (Digium the Asterisk Company) and permit us to integrate a PBX solution, mailing and collaborating tasks, also integrates a database server.

JTiT can help you with:

  • Free remote voice communication between different sites with different locations.
  • Softphones installation and deployment (PC and Mobile phones).
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Installation and deployment.
  • Dialplan design and configuration.
  • Voice Mail configuration.
  • PBX and Voice Manager maintenance, support and integration.
  • PBX hosted on-site or off-site (on cloud).

What is Included?

There are a number of core components to the service with some optional add-ons. The core components include:

  • Project management.
  • Detailed migration/changes and implementation planning.
  • Physical deployment.
  • Testing and documentation.
  • Training and knowledge transfer.

Optional add-on deployment services can include:

  • Detailed architecture design development.
  • Technical report, which provides gap analysis and recommendations.
  • Staging and configuration.
  • Asset inventory reporting.​

Supported Areas

This service can include any or all of the following areas:

  • Network infrastructure including LAN/WAN infrastructure.
  • Voice (legacy) and VoIP infrastructure.
  • Unified communications including premise based solutions, private cloud solutions, public cloud solutions and / or hybrid solutions.

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